Our Services

HSE Advisor Site Services

Crescent Safety Services provides highly experienced and competent personnel to ensure onsite risks are identified and properly mitigated. Our HSE Advisors are experienced in a variety of petrochemical operations including Drilling, Completions, Plug & Abandonment, Production, and Refining. Our HSE Advisors are trained in OSHA, BSEE, TRRC, EPA, DEQ, ANSI, API regulations, and Best Industry Practices. Crescent is a leader in matching the appropriate personnel with the skill set and qualifications to advise and lead incident free operations.


HSE Program Management

In today’s market there is a demand for highly qualified and experienced safety professionals to lead industrial operations in the right direction to minimize and eliminate risks, provide guidance to management on regulations pertaining to the industry, and to manage safety relations with clients. Crescent is a leader in this business partnership. Our safety professionals provide complete consulting services to enable you to maintain a safe environment for your workforce. Crescent’s team will implement an HSE Management System that is compliant with operators, regulatory agencies, and Best Industry Practices.


Database Management

Contractors are required to provide programs, provide proof of safety documentation, insurance, workers’ compensation, statistical information, as well as numerous uploads to compliance verification websites (ISN, PEC, Avetta, NCMS, TPS Alert, etc.) These mandates can be daunting and extremely time consuming. Crescent has a highly qualified staff of personnel who will enter and maintain this information and advise you of any needs and information updates. Crescent’s team will ensure that all databases are updated with current regulatory mandates and your most current information.


Industrial Training

Crescent Safety Services provides numerous services regarding training. One service in particular that is very beneficial to employers is the organizing of your training needs and ensuring the completion of this training. Crescent utilizes an online database tracking your employee’s initial and recurrent training. Crescent works closely with you to categorize your employees into training groups. Crescent then assigns training based on your group’s requirements. These requirements are based on regulatory, client, and employer expectations. The database allows the employer, employee, and any client designated personnel to be notified when an employee’s training is 30-60-90 days from expiration. These notifications are sent via email and will also be tracked by Crescent’s training staff. Crescent’s training staff manages scheduling students, or they can self-schedule based on their employer’s allowable privileges. Customized reports can be queried, or a standard weekly/monthly report can be sent to the employer to schedule training. Reports include training percentages, training needs, training percentages by group, specific course training percentages, training compliance, etc.


Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality is an innovative tool that enables a worker to be trained and evaluated without ever being put in a precarious position. Humans are intensely visual creatures. 90% of all the information that is sent to our brain is visual in nature, and 93% of all our communication is visual. With VR, training becomes more visual as the subject matter is presented in a visually stunning, 3D format that people will find far more appealing than regular text. Crescent has compiled training programs that are highly effective in conveying regulatory requirements, as well as applying the necessary skills testing to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the material. Instructors provide classroom-based formal lectures to deliver the knowledge required to work safely. Students then take a knowledge test to demonstrate their understanding of the course material. The final step is to allows the student to become immersed in a virtual life like experience which enables the student to understand their equipment, physically inspect and function the gear, and to experience the feeling and visual aspects of the environment they will be working in which they work.


Contractor Auditing

Crescent Safety Services Contractor Auditing Service provides a system that supports you by managing its contractors' health and safety information, insurance information, training programs, and specific documents that pertain to the contractor and the owner client. Crescent provides highly skilled auditors and evaluators to review these programs and documents. Crescent completes a face-to-face audit with the contractor to verify the implementation of the programs. This process is multi-staged and is adaptable at any stage to meet the client’s schedule.


HR Management - Drug & Alcohol Program Management

Processing new hires and managing a drug screening programs can be very challenging and time-consuming. Crescent’s HR Management can take your new hires through your complete onboarding process which includes the management of your drug and alcohol programs. This process starts with the new hire paperwork which can include background checks, drug and alcohol screening, physical assessments, new hire training and uniforms. Crescent will efficiently process your new hires, and based on your requirements, have them onboard within a short timeframe.

There-after, we can manage your drug and alcohol programs through DISA, NCMS, TPS Alert, and ASAP. This includes managing your random selections, uploading statistical data, managing required databases, and keeping your employee pools in order.


Personnel Staffing

Crescent Safety Services has a proven track record of matching competent personnel with a diverse client base. Our team of technical recruiters have over 100 years of combined experience in hiring practices, with in-depth knowledge of HSE, technical, labor, and administrative needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Crescent offers you personnel who have undergone pre-screening based on your needs; which can include, drug & alcohol testing, background checks, and reference checks. Candidates must have the appropriate credentials to work for you. Crescent provides all industry required safety training to the candidate once selected. This ensures that your new recruit will arrive fully trained and ready to work safely.


Incident Investigation / Case Management

Crescent offers 24/7/365 Injury Case Management that is administered by our medically licensed professionals. Crescent management works closely with the client to ensure the injured employee is treated appropriately and timely. Crescent will continue to follow the case to ensure the employee is returned to work as quickly as possible. In the event of an injury, the injured employee or supervisor will be put in contact with a member of our team. After gathering the incident and injury information, Crescent can assist in advising the client as to whether the injury can be treated with first aid measures at the work site, or if it warrants a visit to an Occupational Health Clinic. All of our Case Managers are experts with OSHA recordability guidelines and how this applies to our clients. Crescent will provide timely updates to the client and follow the case until closure.


H2S/Breathing Air Technicians

Crescent Safety Services is a leading provider of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) safety services to the oil and gas industry. In operations where there is a potential risk of H2S, Crescent provides equipment and trained Technicians to ensure a safe working environment. Crescent’s H2S services include breathing air cascades, gas detection systems, fire safety equipment and services, and industry accredited training (PEC H2S Clear). Crescent provides an engineered H2S solution with associated technical support, comprehensive design, technical training, and contingency planning.


Gas Monitoring Technician

Crescent Safety Services provides highly trained personnel and high tech gas monitoring equipment to our clients’ work locations. These gases include H2S, Benzene, Toluene, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, and various harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). Crescent is diverse in the equipment provided to you in order to service your needs as well as the environmental needs. Crescent’s Gas Monitoring Technicians are highly trained to assemble and monitor this equipment data and to respond to any levels that might create a hazard to both personnel and equipment.


Fire Watch Technicians

Fire prevention is a key aspect of all safety programs involving industrial operations. The responsibility of a Fire Watch Technician cannot be underestimated. Crescent provides competent and highly trained Fire Watch Technicians to all industrial operations. Crescent staffs technicians for construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas operations. Crescent’s Fire Watch Technicians are trained to survey the work area, assess any fire hazards, alert operations to these hazards, eliminate or inert the hazard, gather and maintain the appropriate fire suppression equipment, and maintain a constant alert watch for any fire hazards or fires while work is being done. Crescent’s technicians will react appropriately in the event these arise, and will remain in place for at least 30 minutes post operations to verify the absence of any fire hazards or combustion. Crescent’s technicians work closely with operations and are fully involved in planning and JSA processes.


Confined Space Attendants

Crescent Safety Services provides highly trained Confined Space Attendants to all industrial operations, including construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas operations. Crescent’s Attendants are trained to survey the work area, prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the space, assess hazards, alert operations to these hazards, eliminate or mitigate the hazard, acquire the appropriate equipment, and maintain a constant alert watch for any hazards (fires, deficient atmospheres, presence of gas or vapors) while work is being performed. Crescent’s Attendants are trained to continuously maintain an accurate count of entrants in the permit space, immediately react when adverse conditions arise, and to remain in place while the space is occupied. Our Attendants work closely with operations and are fully involved in the planning and JSA processes.


SEMS Compliance

The SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management Systems) Compliance is a non-traditional performance focused tool for integrating and managing offshore operations. SEMS Compliance is regulated by the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and guided by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 30 Part 250 (30 CFR 250), Subpart S. The operators who conduct Oil, Gas and Sulphur- related activities in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) must develop, implement and maintain a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) for such activities. As part of these Regulations, the entirety of the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 75 (API RP75) is mandatory. Contractors also have responsibilities to operators to comply with the SEMS mandate. Crescent provides highly trained and qualified consultants who will assist in all phases of implementation and verification of compliance within SEMS for operators and contractors. Crescent’s services encompass both SEMS I and SEMS II requirements and updates.